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Candle Lanterns From UCO
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THREE FOR FREE Get a pack of 3 candles Free with UCO Original Candle Lantern & UCO Candleliers

Backpackers will appreciate this smaller, lighter version of the candle lantern. At just 4 ounces, this mini lantern is less than half the weight of the original Candle Lantern.
Mini Lantern
The classic, long-burning collapsible candle lantern that has provided warm, natural light to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts since 1982.
Original Candle Lantern
3 candle Candlelier Lantern increase the brightness enough for a family picnic, with enough warmth to heat small amounts of water or food on the heat shield.

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Home Emergency Preparedness
Candle Lantern Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

candle Lanterns

Advantages of using Candle Lanterns

May UCO shed some light on the many warm, bright and sporting ways you can easily put their quality Candle Lanterns to good use?

No flashlight can offer the natural beauty and charm or the practicality and functional benefit of a candle lantern. In the warm, pleasing glow of the candles' flame, the Candle Lantern also produces a steady flow of natural heat which warms a tent and reduces condensation. The advantages of our patented Candle Lanterns are also "illuminating":

Environmentally smart - no batteries to consume, run down and discard.
- UCO Candle Lanterns cost less to operate compared to many other lanterns and flashlights.
- no dead batteries to leave you in the dark, no bulbs to burn out, no mantles to rust, corrode or break.
- no combustible liquids or explosive gases.
- our lanterns burn well even in difficult winds.
- UCO original Candle Lantern and Candlelier Lantern utilize a unique spring loaded candle tube which keeps flame height constant and prevents wax dripping. Both feature a visible window gauge to show you remaining candle life.
Candles - even UCO candles are special. The exclusive UCO Candle was developed with a specific wick size and wax formula to burn clean for more than nine hours.

Uses for candle lanterns — where good ideas burn bright

  • Backpacking, camping or in your motorhome.
  • Emergency backup for unexpected power failures.
  • Boating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, hunting and fishing.
  • Outside your home as a lamp on your porch, deck, patio, along your walk or in your yard.
  • In your home as a safe, decorative light source.
  • A festive and elegant Mood lamp puts special events in a whole new light.


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